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Have you always dreamed of working in the Sports business but are you unsure of where and how to start?

Then this masterclass is designed for you. 

Curated by an industry insider.

This Sports Career Masterclass isn't just another online course – it's a practical step by step roadmap curated by an industry insider with extensive previous experience working for world-leading organizations like FC Barcelona and UEFA.

Ten years ago, Jessie wanted to kick-start her career in the Sports industry but she had NO clue where to start. She found it nearly impossible to find job opportunities without much prior experience and no one could provide her with any guidance. It felt like an exclusive club without clear entry rules.

Some of the questions she struggled with were:

  • How do I get my foot in the door?

  • What's the secret to building connections?

  • Where can I find the best opportunities?

  • How do I know what niche to specialize in?

  • How do I stand out from the crowd in such a competitive industry?

Now a decade later, equipped with a wealth of knowledge & experience navigating this unique industry, She is here to guide you from A till Z.


Your instructor: Jessie Jill

Jessie is a dutch, Barcelona based, multilingual sports industry professional with extensive  experience working for world-leading sports organizations like FC Barcelona and UEFA.


Through her in-depth understanding of the how the sports business functions, she is able to help others navigate the complexities of establishing a career in this entertaining but challenging industry.

After resigning from her position as the head of Women's football management for FC Barcelona, she decided to work independently and now serves as a strategic consultant for a range of sports start-ups.

This masterclass is your blueprint to turning
your passion into your profession.

Insider knowledge

Gain exclusive access to the insights and practical strategies that only those "on the inside" possess.

Industry expert insights

Learn all you need to know about the different domains through in-depth interviews with industry experts.

Step-by-step roadmap

Less theory, more action. This Masterclass breaks everything down into small, actionable steps.


Finding your niche.


Becoming an expert.


Gaining experience.


Growing your network.


Building your personal brand.


Interviews with industry experts.


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