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As a sports industry consultant, I identify and capitalize on potential business opportunities and partnerships for different stakeholders in the sports landscape by providing comprehensive advisory services to sports start-ups, athletes, rights holders, and organizations. 

From legal counsel and business development to strategic planning and innovation, my expertise helps clients navigate and excel in the sports industry.

Jessie is a multilingual sports consultant specializing in the fields of law, business development, strategy and innovation. With previous experience at FC Barcelona and UEFA, Jessie brings a wealth of expertise and experience to provide comprehensive consulting services in the dynamic realm of sports.

Leveraging her in-depth knowledge of sports governance, management, and strategy models, Jessie possesses a comprehensive understanding of the sports ecosystem from both legal and business perspectives, catering to the needs of various stakeholders.

Recently she resigned from her position as the head of women's football management for FC Barcelona where she was involved in a wide range of both legal and management activities and her duties and responsibilities varied from negotiating new signings, contract renewals, sponsorship and media activations to overall expenditure control.


With a strong industry network established through her international profile and professional experience, she now serves as a strategic consultant, empowering sports start-ups, brands and rights-holders to excel in today's competitive sports landscape.

Jessie Engelhart



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