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F1 makes COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all

In the aftermath of the Djokovic controversy, the F1 has communicated that it will make Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all personnel, to be applicable from the new season onward.

This mandatory rule will apply to all personnel working within F1 so ranging from the drivers, teams in the paddock, hospitality workers and even (celebrity) guests attending the races. The mandate is said to have been approved at FIA’s World Motor Sport Council’s meeting back in December.

A F1 spokesperson has announced that there will be no exemptions. As far as understood, all drivers are currently already vaccinated so according to FIA “this should not be expected to have an impact on any of the drivers’ ability to compete”.

This new regulation will also reduce the intensity and frequency of the COVID testing policy currently imposed within F1.

While most drivers are vaccinated, several caught COVID during the last two seasons – it is unclear how these new regulations and relaxed testing policies will deal with such cases.

Another issue is the fact that the vaccination status of F1’s other personnel is unknown. For example, South African medical car driver Alan van der Merwe missed several races last season due to his choice not to get the vaccine, because of personal reasons.

He announced on twitter that he “is fully aware that he will potentially be less employable or that his freedom of movement will be restricted based on his choices.”

His current vaccination status and admissibility to be part of the next F1 season is unknown.

In addition, F1 announced 7 technical regulation changes for next season which you can read all about here:

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